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Why You Don’t Wanna Be a One-Man Wolfpack…and How to Connect With the Right Growers

A close-up portrait of a man with beard - one man wolfpackHey there, I hope you’re doing awesome and are ready to kick some serious ass in 2014. I know I sure am.

Because what we do as growers isn’t always accepted by the masses (they ARE coming around though), we often end up being far too self-reliant for our own good.

In fact, being a one-man wolfpack is one of the biggest things that holds a ton of great growers back from producing at the level they want to.

Yes, YOU are the one— the ONLY one—who is responsible for your success as a grower.

YOU are the one who needs to have the vision.

YOU are the one who needs to decide that nothing is going to stop you from reaching that vision.

And YOU are the one who needs to put one foot in front of the other, trudge through the self-doubt and limiting beliefs, conquer your inner demons, overcome whatever obstacles you may face, and move forward with unrelenting strides to make your vision a reality.

However…you can’t do it alone.

You need others to help show you the way…others who you can bounce ideas off of…others who support you and your dreams, and whom you support as well.

Three man and a baby in elevatorBack when I first started growing 31 years ago, before there were blogs like this one and online magazines like Big Buds, and when there was very little valid literature on the subject of growing marijuana, we had no choice but to rely on each other so we could figure all this stuff out.

I’d share with my friends what was working for me, and they would share with me what was working for them.

We supported each other every step of the way as we revolutionized the way marijuana is grown. In fact, we still do.

Too many growers let their paranoia and genuine mistrust of others isolate and hold them back.

You need quality members of our community whom you can turn to and count on to be there for you.

Sure, today there are forums that can be super helpful, especially if you can see past the trolls and haters. But it’s just not the same as having a group of close friends who lift each other up.

If you do have a tight-knit network like this, you are blessed.

Here are two things I’ve done over the years that have been critical in my success as a grower, in business and in life that I think can have a profound impact on your life as well…

An image of Obi Uan Kenobi from the movie Star Wars1. Mentors.

I find people who have done the kinds of things I want to do, and then get guidance from them.

I’ve had coaches and mentors ever since I started growing in the early 80’s, and if it were not for them, I never would have been able to achieve the things I have in my life.

Now, oftentimes I may be more successful than the person I’m learning from, but they’ll know a certain subject inside and out that I want to become more proficient at… So I look to them for guidance.

Never underestimate the power of working with mentors.

I strongly suggest finding guides who can help point the way along your journey. They can save you years of frustration and costly mistakes and help shorten those learning curves that we all need to go through.

Silouetes of group of man2. Mastermind.

A mastermind group is a group of like-minded individuals who meet either in person or virtually, to brainstorm, educate each other, keep each other accountable, and support each other.

You basically help each other succeed.

Members of the group set individual goals and then the group supports each other in accomplishing these goals.

I highly recommend involving yourself in a mastermind group.

And if you can’t find one, start one. It can be a network of growers, or just a bunch of cool success-oriented people who can help you make your vision a reality.

Some of my closest friends today come from the mastermind groups I’ve been involved with over the years.

Without each other, without members of our community pulling together and having one another’s backs, true success will always be a far off pipe-dream.

Whether in the official setting of a mastermind group, or even if it’s just a bunch of comrades helping each other out, it’s important to surround yourself with people who have common values, are success oriented, and WANT to see you succeed.

Life is too short to be around crabs who want to pull you down, know-it-alls who want to break your balls in a forum just because you don’t know as much as they do or have a different opinion on things, and time vampires who want to suck you dry.

Stick with the ones who are authentic and will tell you the real deal, who are willing to teach you anything they know, and who will bail your ass out of jail if needed (and who you’ll do the same for.)

However, realize that the people you attract in your life are basically mirror images of you or aspects of your personality.

So if you’re around a bunch of negative people, untrustworthy shenanigan artists, or undesirables, then there are parts of yourself you may want to address, because there’s a reason these people are in your life. Remember, like attracts like.

BE what and who you want to attract into your life.

Start friendships off with the giving hand and by being a friend first. If you want someone to help you, help them first. Reciprocity is a powerful thing.

Have you ever heard of the Deathsquad Network?

a panoramic small image of deathsquad network

The Deathsquad Network is of group comedians (along with a few MMA fighters) who support the living shit out of each other.

They’re a great example of what I’m talking about in this blog post. True friends helping each other succeed.

Deathsquad includes Joe Rogan, Brian Redban, Doug Benson, Joey CoCo Diaz, Tom Segura, Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen, Tait Fletcher, Doug Stanhope, Duncan Trussell, Greg Fitzsimmons, Bert Kreisher and Ari Shaffir.

These dudes have created an awesome little community for themselves.

A colage of cartoon faces By the way, if you haven’t listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast, do yourself a huge favor and check it out.

It gets into higher consciousness, marijuana, legalization, psychedelics, positive thinking, community, health and fitness, friendship, stand-up comedy, MMA, politics, activism and tons of other cool stuff.

As a member of the Underground, it’s right up you alley.

The camaraderie between the regulars on the show shines through in each episode and it’s a great example of members of a community lifting each other up while talking about cool topics and it’s all done in a funny and entertaining way.

Who you choose to surround yourself with can make or break who you are and who you want to become.

In fact, if it weren’t for others, I’d probably have given up on growing a long time ago.

It’s been said that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. In my experience, this is as true as it gets.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Without having good people in your life, true success is not only impossible, but it wouldn’t even be worth achieving anyway.

And if you want to make better connections with people, read Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People

It’s classic that has changed the lives of millions.

Here’s another example of people pulling together…

In Bulgaria, businesses are taxed if they donate food to a cause.

And because of this twisted law, each year Bulgarian businesses throw away 145,000 tons of food, while 800,000 Bulgarians are starving.

We’re talking about 800,000 people who would not need to starve if they could just have access to this food.

A crowd of people in a charity hallSo recently, The Advanced Nutrients Holiday Heroes Army launched an initiative that’s bringing together Bulgarian businesses, experts and the government to deal with the unjust tax laws that are causing the people so much undue suffering.

AND we’re feeding 5,000 families this Christmas by getting some major businesses to ally forces and make sure these families get fed.

If I tried to feed all these hungry families myself it would never happen.

But because of people and businesses coming together—something that has NEVER happened before in Bulgaria—we’re able to put great food onto the tables of so many deserving families.

And ya know what?

None of this would be possible without YOU.

It’s our community that is making it possible for me to do all this.

Without you feeding your plants with Advanced Nutrients, I would not be able to be here in Bulgaria with the Holiday Heroes Army working to create change, getting impoverished people to believe in themselves, and feeding families who so desperately need it.

So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because of you, I’ve been able to get some major players, like Sony, involved in our charity program—allowing us to make positive things happen at a rapid pace.

Check out this short talk I gave, thanking Sony for participating in the Holiday Heroes Program this month.

Sony fed 500 families which is downright awesome, and I’m highly grateful to them for it.

Check it out and see where your dollars are going when you invest in Advanced Nutrients. I’m not really a suit guy, and when I wear one it always reminds me of being 9 years old and my mom making me dress up for someone’s wedding or something…but what the hell, it’s for a good cause:

YouTube Preview Image
I’d love to hear your comments below.

And thanks again for all your support.

May the Force be with you.

Talk soon,

BigMike 🙂

BigMike and his supporters behind boxes


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10 Responses to Why You Don’t Wanna Be a One-Man Wolfpack…and How to Connect With the Right Growers

  1. Avatar
    Laurie Edeburn December 21, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    good to see u helping so many others…..merry xmas to u and yours

    • BigMike
      BigMike January 6, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

      Back at ya Laurie (=

  2. Avatar
    chris weglinski December 23, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    Excellent work Mike!!

    Taxing Donated Food?!?!?

    My company is founded on the bedrock principle of Charity.

    Merry Festivus!!!

    • BigMike
      BigMike January 6, 2014 at 5:46 pm #

      chris, you have one helluva company sir

  3. Avatar
    icysurfer December 23, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

    Looking Good Don Miguel..! Did You go Gluten-Free..??

  4. Avatar
    Tim December 25, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    Hey mike, I find your articles stimulating.Im laughing out loud right now re reading that! I have been growing since nineteen seventy three.I cannot recall anyone ever saying to me this is what you do…I just kept my mouth shut and watched and listened.I was in the Corp and went to Vietnam as a child.When I got out in seventy two I came back home and started college on the GI bill.Its a good thing that was recalled because it just helped too many folks SMH.Anyway I met up with some hippie comrades and moved into a commune.I had smoked some overseas and in high school.We smoked at the commune.We called ourselves The Hopi Farm and we lived organically and grew our own stuff.We grew some pot the year I moved in.I had never done it and the others with me hadn’t done anything as well.We were paranoid but no one was looking at the time.We grew two plants that got at least ten feet tall and were male.We didn’t know anything about that.The next year I grew some on my own and discovered female buds for the first time.Holy smokes!I messed around a couple of years not serious.Then I went to Maine and met someone who lived in Hawaii.We were apprentices to a wooden boat builder and we hit it off.After we finished being slaves we both went to Hawaii and opened a boat shop and grew pot.Its different out there .Or it was then.you could go to your local hardware store and they had growing supplies specifically for pot.you could even ask questions and be real about it.It was a eye opener.Thats where my true education began.I had gone to college and studied botany.It gave me some scientific knowledge of the dynamics of plant growth but no specifics.Even in Hawaii they hadn’t really done any research just growing experiences.I stayed there for four years .I trimmed I grew I hung out with the pot community.In Hawaii at the time folks wore t shirts proclaiming who they were .The biggest problem there were rip offs and getting it off the Island.Even pot rip offs wore tee shirts proclaiming to the world Im a pot rip off.Dubious but there it is.I met a wonderful woman and left Hawaii for Northern California.I grew in Humbolt for four more years.I lived in Arcata California for a while before moving to Kneeland up in the hills.Growing in Hawaii and Georgia is a whole lot different from growing in California.Its dry there .Coming from wet Georgia and Wet Hawaii its took a whole new set of skills trying to clone plants.Wow it was difficult.I left California after four years and went back to Georgia.In Hawaii they had green harvest.The national gaurd would fly around and they would send in the troops (National guard) and come on to peoples property and take what you had growing or drying in your house.They had no warrants but they also didn’t bust you either unless you decided to hang around or cause trouble.California was more militant.They pretty much still are.I used to watch them and their helos pulling out bundles of weed.I left California and went back to Georgia.I grew for a couple of years and then one day I got a visit.I ended up spending two years in prison.Then ten years on probation /parole.It was a motherfucker.The prison part wasn’t that big a deal.It was being monitored for ten years after that that wears you down.The constant drug test and visits etc.i don’t recommend it.I actually quit for several years and held my nose to the grind stone.I don’t recommend that either.So I started back growing about eight years ago.i thought I knew what I was doing.Well after three years of disaster outside with driving rains a week before harvest root rot rain every day for a month before harvest I finally took some profit and got some lights and boy let me tell you.It was a disaster and then another disaster and then I decided maybe I need some help.I ran into you and Advanced.I read your stuff, I read other stuff, I blogged, I read blogs, I read books and I asked around.I was in the middle of a grow when i ordered some of your nutes and I do think if I had not I would have scrapped everything and went out and gotten a freaking job doing something that would pay me about five bucks and hour.So Thanks dude.Here it is Christmas day and Im in the middle of grow.Im switching to flowering stage in two days .Life is getting better.Thanks and I hope your new year is a great one!

    • BigMike
      BigMike January 6, 2014 at 5:52 pm #

      HELL YES!

      Tim, thank you so much for sharing this heartwarming story here.

      You’re a hero in my eyes. You got kicked down and stood back up and are moving forward. You’re an inspiration my friend, a real inspiration

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this story

      The scars make us stronger Tim, inside and out

      thanks again Tim

  5. Avatar
    Damian March 10, 2014 at 8:14 am #

    Nice work Big mike keep up the good work

  6. Avatar
    Eric March 10, 2014 at 8:35 pm #


    Thank you for the work you do! I am struggling with these issues now. How do I break into the market and tell people about my products? What is your opinion on using greenhouses for growing? I am interested in relocating my greenhouse manufacturing business to Colorado because I think greenhouses could be the answer for many people. Is there a movement for Natural greenhouse grown cannabis? Wouldn’t a greenhouse be essential for cultivating “Organic” Products as real light would be necessary to warrant that claim?

    I am very interested in your opinion! My website is http://www.thermagro.com, and Id love to know what think about my products and how I might best attack the market. I am considering a booth at the Cannabis Cup in April in Denver. Do you think that greenhouses would be a suitable alternative to indoor growing? Do you think I will be able to get to the decision makers at this show? Any direction and advice is much appreciated!!

    Thank you for your time and attention!

    Eric Selinger
    ThermaGro Greenhouse Manufacturing

  7. Avatar
    Spinner June 12, 2014 at 1:13 pm #

    Big Mike;

    I accidentally stumbled into your website and am blown away. I’ve been involved in two major growing operations that went bad, and for good reason. I got involved with some bad apples that were really criminals, and I paid the price. (Yes, I was really dumb) Fortunately, I saw the writing on the wall, and boogied before the law came. However, I lost every last nickle. Small price to pay as opposed to jail time and a record.

    I’m in Chicago and constantly daydream about growing where it’s legal to do so, but finding decent people is almost impossible. Chicago blows for pot. Yes, there are some good buds, but I avoid the criminal enterprises at all costs. The war on drugs has forced changes from hippie growers to organized crime, which I want absolutely nothing to do with. I’ve been in contact with a friend and former high ranking Colorado official who’s pro pot. Colorado is the place to be, and I want to contribute immensely, but have no way of making contacts there. Although he’s pro-pot, he’s not involved directly and is not interested in pursuing it. Furthermore, I have a Fed-phobia about using the Internet, due to the vast reach of Big Brother and other nutcases that can squash us any time they choose.

    I see now how my fears & attitudes are holding me back now. Any rate, I’ve taken my first step in developing my cause by dropping you this note. The Internet is awesome, and making good friends starts here, but… I’m trying to figure out how to fund my operation. Has anyone ever done crowd-funding for growers? A.K.A., Kickstarter etc…

    Keep up the great work and may God bless you a thousand times….


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