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7 Traits of a Badass Grower

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I’d place good money on the fact that you’re a straight-up badass.Samuel Jackson sitting on couch with a book in his hand

Let me explain why…

By getting to personally know a lot of the readers of this blog, I’ve come to realize 7 common traits that you and your fellow underground cronies share almost across the board.

These are traits that most people just don’t have…

You see, I meet average people all the time. We all do. They’re everywhere. And while I think most of them are good people and I want the best for them, it’s not like when I meet someone who reads and lives the kind of stuff we talk about on Growers Underground.

It’s like you’re on a whole different level.

Well, I did meet one dude I wasn’t too sure about, but he actually ended up being pretty cool. Oh yeah, and there was the strange chick I met in LA who’s a big Underground fan, but maybe I just caught her when she was having a bad day or something. I hope she’s doing good.

So, with a few rare exceptions, literally every reader of this blog I’ve met has impressed the living shit outta me. And I’m a hard person to impress.

Here are the 7 traits of badass growers that most readers of Growers Underground share…

1. You play by your own rules—ignoring the status quo and doing things your own way, no matter what “they” say or which drum the masses are currently marching to—you march to your own.The logo of Growers Underground

You’re a modern-day renegade. An outcast with a vision—passionate and tenacious.

You refuse be pigeonholed by society, take part in the rat race, or be put into a box.

You’re as authentic as they come.

You walk your own path and are not ashamed to do so.


2. You’re an intelligent and creative free-thinker

You enjoy creating something great where once there was nothing.

You  may or may not have the kind of smarts that got you good grades in school, but you’re a smart mofo nonetheless—knowing what you want in life and always figuring out a way to get it.

You question everything, never satisfied to accept commonly-held beliefs and old-school doctrine just because everyone does.

You take pride in the fact that you’ll never be held down by the limiting spoon-fed dogma that most people blindly take as truth.

You just don’t buy into other people’s ideas of how things “should be.”

You’re smarter than that.

And along with your smarts…

Shiny brass balls3. You’ve got balls

And I mean balls of steel!

You’re not scared to stand up for what you believe in—that’s a rare thing these days.

I mean, let’s face it, being a serious grower takes some serious backbone.

You run the risk of thieves (even indoors), crop failure, and possibly even legal consequences enforced by a bunch of unwanted testosterone-fueled guests with big ass guns and a quota to meet.

You take calculated risks and reap the rewards.

Honestly, you’re treading where others are too scared to go—doing something that tons of people WANT to do, but few have the courage to actually go out and do.

To you life is an adventure. A chance to learn and evolve. A ride to be enjoyed no matter how bumpy it may get at times.

An uprising fist4. You’re part of a community that’s like no other—a community that, even though stigmatized by the man and black-balled by the institution, has a heart of solid fucking gold.

Our common love of growing pulls us together, and because what we do has been vilified by so many people, we have each other’s backs with an undying loyalty that few people will ever know.

The bonds run deep.

And not only that, it’s a community that’s constantly giving


5. You’re always learning.

You constantly educate yourself by reading blogs like this one, forums, and online magazines like Big Buds and Rosebud so you can learn everything you need to know about growing the absolute best buds possible.

Mediocre growers don’t do this—in fact, they think they know everything and then go on forums bashing other growers.

In my experience, the people who are the most successful—in growing, business, and life—are the ones who understand that there’s always more to learn.

Always Be Learning—that’s one of my mottos and is a motto that’s shared by the majority of the those in the Growers Underground.

6. What you’re growing is helping sooo many people to have a better quality of life.

You’re honestly bringing the gift of happiness to a ton of people. Most of whom you will never meet. Now THAT is awesome.

These are people who, if they couldn’t get their hands on medical marijuana and enjoy its wonderful benefits, would most likely be in massive amounts of pain, or suffer from debilitating anxiety or the symptoms of whatever medical condition it is that they’re forced to deal with.

In fact, many of them would be hooked on hardcore drugs like opioids and benzodiazepines—drugs that far too many doctors are happy to prescribe—instead of all-natural and perfectly-safe marijuana.

Now not only do you help a ton of people, but…

Pile of apples7. You flat-out refuse to settle.

You’re selective about who you’ll let into your life and what you’ll put your energy and focus on.

You know that life is too short not to be picky.

You insist on growing nothing but the most primo buds around. Because for you, it’s all or nothing.

You’re extremely discerning when it comes to what kinds of strains you’ll grow, what you’ll nourish your plants with, and who you’ll show your garden to.

They call you picky. I call you wise.

You know what you want and make no bones about it.

You simply won’t settle for anything but the best—the best in your garden and in your life.

THAT is how I know you’re a badass.

Talk soon,

BigMike 🙂

P.S. I’d love to hear your comments below

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