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Underground Growing Strategies from the Blind James and Buds Radio Show

Drawing of Blind James and a girlHey there, it’s BigMike…if you wanna grow bigger and better buds, then check out this interview Blind James just did with me on his ‘Blind James and Buds‘ Radio Show

In this interview I pull back the curtains and reveal…

– The effects specific nutrients have on plant growth, bud potency, and crop size

– How one simple tweak can save you a TON of agonizing pH Frustration

– One key factor to bigger harvests that nearly EVERY grower overlooks

– What new studies are uncovering about a certain type of potassium and its effects on trichome production

– How to make sure your ballasts aren’t putting off a frequency imprint that can be a telltale sign you’re growing and attract all kinds of unwanted attention—if you know what I mean

– How to avoid the dreaded Ballast Fire Hazard Syndrome

– What you need to know about Square Wave Technology—this is something most growers don’t have the first clue about

– One simple tweak we made to the way lights are packaged so you don’t accidentally destroy their output levels

– A special kind of bulb that’s getting a 6.1% higher output than regular high-pressure sodium lights

– What you need to know about Bud Factor X

– The truth about molasses in your nutrients

Like I said, you DEFINITELY wanna check out this interview.

You can listen to it right here:

Here’s the downloadable free reports discussed in the interview to help you grow bigger, sweeter, more potent buds:

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Talk soon,

BigMike (:

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