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Easy Hydroponics – Organic Nirvana

Read all about this 100% organic bloom stimulator. Watch this video to see the power of Nirvana in action in a hydroponics setting.


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How To Make Use of Superthrive Plant Food In Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a very powerful growing tool. For this reason, you should never settle for merely adequate yields in your garden. You should expect nothing less than for your plants to superthrive.

While this is certainly not a totally simple proposition, there are loads of techniques, equipment, and supplements that any grower can use to their advantage to make certain that they get a serious edge in their growing.

If you really want your garden to super-thrive, consider these important sources.

Living Supplements – If you are not using supplements at all, let alone superthrive plant food, you are depriving yourself of a world of huge growth. But if you want to try something really special you should consider the huge advantages afforded buying living supplements and superthrive fertilizer. This means using supplements that contain living bacteria, fungi, or even enzymes.

This turns your reservoir form a sterile environment into a powerful, living, teeming solution that works symbiotically with your nutrients and your plants roots. You will be rewarded with bigger roots faster growth, and bigger yields thanks to this superthrive plant food.

Flavor Enhancers – While big yields are obviously fantastic, it will not be worth much if your fruits are not sweet or your flowers aren’t aromatic. No gardener has to suffer this fate, fortunately, if you simply use a good selection of flavor or aroma enhancers at other kinds of superthrive plant foods.

The ingredients in these are typically fairly simple, just a special choice of carbohydrate, vitamin, and amino acids, but the results can be phenomenal. Fruits that might otherwise be bland taste sweet and rich, and flowers that might have a merely a faint scent wind up filling up rooms with their wonderful odor.

2 Part Hydroponic Supplements – If you really want to be on the cutting edge of hydroponic supplements, you need to make 2 part hydroponics supplements part of your growth plan. They help gardens superthrive by incorporating things like chelated nutrients and amino acids.

These combinations have been thoroughly tested to ensure that the superthrive plant foods produced the greatest amount of growth and health in plants. In addition, these supplements contain poly amino alcohols, which can help increase uptake and are very difficult to find usually.

Improve Lighting – Unless you happen to be growing mushrooms in your garden (and sometimes even then), you are going to need plenty of light in order to grow sufficiently in your garden and help your plants superthrive.

Traditionally, this involved the use of very hot bulbs in order to get just the right spectrum of light for both blooming and vegetative growth and make the best use of superthrive plant food. However, new developments have led to the wide use of LED grow lights.

These are fantastic because you can give your plants all of the light that they need without having to use extremely high energy lights. Low heat means less heat regulation, plus less risk of harming the leaves of your plant.

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2 Part Nutrients – When to Use in Hydroponics

Great hydroponics growers are not born overnight. They happen over time, as growers slowly become more and more accustomed to all of the techniques and equipment that goes into the creation of huge yields in a grow room.

One of the best tools that beginning hydroponic growers can use is 2 part nutrients. These are a special combination of nutrients and growth enhancing ingredients that are specially designed to improve your yield and growth during the flowering or fruiting stages of development. While this is extremely powerful in hydroponic growing, you should not go into this kind of use of 2 part nutrients blind.

Here are cases in which a hydroponic grower should be interested in using 2 part nutrients in their hydroponic growing:

When You Want to Learn About Hydroponics – There is sometimes a natural tendency to want to get the absolute best and more powerful ingredients as soon as you start growing hydroponically, and this is something that 2 part nutrients can provide. Using 2 part nutrients as a kind of learning tool can help you understand the basics even on your very first hydroponic garden. Any given hydroponics operation requires thorough knowledge of hydroponics nutrients, including the power of two part nutrients.

When You Want to Get Real Value for Your Money – 2 part nutrients represent a larger investment than your typical nutrient solution, but they pack a punch that make them well worth it. 2 part nutrients combine a lot of different hydroponics ingredients that are very rare and very difficult to make. Chelated nutrients must be created under very special conditions, and other specialized hydroponic nutrients, while being extremely effective, can be somewhat difficult to find. As a result, the price of 2 part nutrients simply reflect how powerful an effect they will have on your garden.

When all other Growing Conditions are Optimized – You should use the basics of hydroponic growing as your foundation, and then move on to more powerful growing techniques and methods, even. While 2 part nutrients can do incredible things for a hydroponic garden, the overall effect will be diminished if you do not make certain the fundamentals are in place first. For example, even the best 2 part nutrients in the world will not do a whole lot if your grow lights are not sufficiently powerful to stimulate optimal photosynthesis or if your grow room is too cold to grow well. When you have these kinds of factors more or less balanced, then you can take advantage of 2 part nutrients and other powerful plant food as a beginner.

When You are Prepared for the Yields – An oft overlooked feature of hydroponics growing is storage. Whether you plan on keeping your harvest, giving it away to family and friends, or selling it on the open market, you are going to have to have sufficient means to store your crop. Many people are caught off guard by just how big the yields can get when using 2 part nutrients. You can correct this by just paying attention to how big your yield will be as you approach hydroponics harvest time. If it looks like you have insufficient storage materials, you can correct this by ordering more.



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Maximum Yield Hydroponics Growing – How to Handle Explosive Growth

It is a simple fact that if you apply the right techniques and use the right supplements, anyone can enjoy maximum yield hydroponics growing. Even hobby growers can enjoy getting the absolute most out of their plants if they pay close attention.

But people sometimes forget that, while having a garden full of high yielding plants is wonderful, explosive yields and growth comes with its own sort of challenges and concerns.

If you are enjoying maximum yield hydroponics growing, and want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your garden, please consider the following.

Use a B Vitamin Supplements – Most plants are very susceptible to stress, which can ultimately make them less healthy and hurt their progress. One of the most common reasons for stress is dramatic change in their growth or environment.

So when you have a plant that is growing extremely quickly, or has a large amount of fruits or budding sites to contend with, the stress that this causes can ultimately cause your plants to achieve less than their full potential.

The best way to counteract this stress is by using a hydroponics supplement that contains a lot of B vitamins. These vitamins counteract stress and give your plants a ton of energy, thus allowing them to thrive even more in rapid growth situation.

Frequent Monitoring – When maximum yield hydroponics growing, you are going to have to monitor your garden even more often than growing in a traditional soil garden. This is because very rapidly growing gardens can change very rapidly from day-to-day. This may require you to transfer plants to larger growing trays, trimming your plants for maximum health, and making other adjustments.

If you are unable to check on your garden for a couple days, the rapid changes can eventually harm you garden. If you plan on being a away, it is a good idea to hire a garden sitter who is familiar with hydroponics to check on your garden periodically.

Consider Storage – But the very final step toward maximum yield hydroponics growing happens after the harvest. You have to make sure that you have all of the proper means to store your crop. You do not want to discover that you lack the proper means to store your bounty once you start harvesting. If you are planning on refrigerating anything in order to increase their longevity, make certain that you have enough room in your refrigerator. If you are growing flowers, make sure that you have a way to store them safely without harming the delicate blooms.

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3 Part Nutrients – The Secret to Bigger Hydroponic yields

Your nutrient solution is the basis of your plants development. Even if you have every other factor in your grow room perfectly aligned for maximum yields, it will not make a whole lot of difference if your nutrient solution does not provide your plants with everything that they need.

This is why it is imperative to spend a lot of time learning about what you can do to make sure that your nutrient solution is as balanced as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is through using 3 part nutrients. These can be tremendously effective in helping your plants grow to their full potential, but only if you choose the right ones.

Here are the main things that you should look for when purchasing 3 part nutrients for your hydroponics garden:

High Number of Chelators – Many of the higher quality 3 part nutrient solutions actually come packed with chelators. These are substances designed to help the nutrients become bio available to your plants, so that they can go to work actually stimulating growth and increasing yields.

While it is certainly possible to provide your own chelators, it is just very convenient to have a 3 part nutrient solution that already has them. This way you can be ensured maximum nutrient uptake every time that you mix your nutrient solution.

Higher Concentration – You should be especially wary of 3 part nutrients that come in lower concentrations. Often, hydroponic manufacturers will actually water down their product, which not only costs you yield, it can also waste a lot of your money. Higher concentration 3 part nutrients benefit you in two important ways.

Firstly, these higher concentrations simply translate into more nutrients absorbed, which is essential for rapid growth. Secondly, they can actually save you a lot of money on your hydroponics nutrients, because you do not have to use quite as much every time you replace your nutrient solution.

Simple instructions – It is also imperative for you to know how to appropriately used your 3 part nutrients for every part of the plants development. When you purchase your product, you should also know precisely how to use your product during the vegetative, transitional, and flowering or fruiting stages of development.

The best hydroponics companies do not come by these instructions by educated guesses or happenstance. It is usually backed by extensive research into techniques and tricks that can produce the largest yields.

Bulk Sizes – If you plan on growing for several seasons, you should make certain that you can purchase your 3 part nutrients in bulk sizes. This is because this is where you find the most savings, ounce per ounce.

Smaller sizes usually have smaller up front cost, but they cost you more in the long term. Not just because you have to pay more per nutrient mixture, but you also wind up paying more for shipping or gas to drive down to the hydroponics supply store. Buying in larger sizes is the surest way to shrink your long-term hydroponics costs.

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Advanced Nutrients – Tools for the Advanced Gardener

Without the basics, your garden will simply not be able to achieve very much. Even if you are backed by an impressive set of high tech equipment and resources, your garden simply won’t be able to achieve the larger yields and delicious fruit and vegetables that are possible with a hydroponics garden.

But once you have mastered all of the basic elements such as nutrient balance, temperature, basic maintenance, and pH balance, you should start thinking about other things that you can use to help your garden reach the next level of powerful growth.

3 Part Nutrients – Most beginning hydroponics growers use a basic nutrient mix that they use consistently throughout their plants development. While plants can certainly grow healthily this way, this method is not the best way to get the absolute largest and healthiest plants that you can achieve.

Your plant can benefit from different nutrients at different times, and therefore it might be a better idea to provide it with different nutrient mixes at the propagation, vegetative, and flowering stages of development.

3 part nutrients makes this process simple by grouping the nutrients that promote growth, the nutrient that promote blooming, and the micronutrients into separate containers. You can then mix these nutrients together, depending upon how developed your plants are.

PK 9/18 – As your plants start to enter the flowering stage of development, you have to make certain that your plants get a solid boost of potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are essential to full fruits and healthy blooms. But many people make the mistake of using PK 13/14 to give their plants a boost of these nutrients, which actually have the wrong ratio of phosphorus to potassium.

More current and accurate research shows that hydropnically grown plants would benefit much more from a two to one ratio of these macronutrients. This is why you can experience the best results with PK 9/18 during this critical stage of you plants development.

B Vitamin Hydroponic Products – One of the greatest inhibitors to your plants developments and growth is stress. Stress can be caused by transferring your plant, through disease, or even extremely rapid growth. The best way to counteract this stress is through using B vitamin supplements, which help give your plants a lot of the energy that they need to grow rapidly. These B vitamin can come from either organic or synthetic sources, depending upon your own growing preferences.

Seaweed Plant Food – But if you really want to give your plants a great boost of nutrients and other things that they need, you should look to seaweed plant food. Lots of research has confirmed that plant food derived form kelp has a ton of positive effects on plant growth and development.

This is because kelp naturally contains a ton of hormones and vitamin that are known to have a benefit to plants. What is even better is that these supplements are totally organic, meaning that it is very unlikely that you will overuse them.

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