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Super Thrive – How to Ensure the Healthiest Plants in Your Garden

Good hydroponics gardeners know that you cannot just want you garden to thrive. You should also want it to super thrive. Making your garden super thrive means putting all of the elements that ensure rapid growth and big yields together to create a garden that really gives you the kind of results that you want.

This unfortunately, cannot be achieved through half focused gardening and half understood techniques. A good garden can only come about through the right combination of growing elements that causes your plants to super thrive.

If you are serious about building a garden that super thrives, follow these important hydroponic growing tips.

Proper Nutrients – If you want your garden to super thrive, your base should always be a good nutritional basis. This means ensuring that you give your hydroponic plants the right ratio of nutrients at the right time. The way that most hydroponics growers streamline this process is through using 3 part nutrients.

Hydroponic growers use these by combining three carefully different kinds of ingredients and using them during appropriate times during development. This allows you to carefully customize your nutrient plan, and thus allow for maximum growth and fruiting, without having to put in countless hours mixing a solution.

Proper Supplements – While nutrients by themselves can produce fantastic results, they will not necessarily be enough to really help your garden super thrive. This is where hydroponic supplements play an important role. Hydroponic supplements work with your nutrients and the plant itself, helping increase nutrient uptake and metabolism and helping increase growth rates. Some of the most popular hydroponic supplements include those that contain a variety of B vitamins and those that contain actual living organisms, such as beneficial enzymes, bacteria, or fungi.

Proper Lighting – Your plants primary source of carbohydrates is produced through photosynthesis, so proper lighting is essential to a super thriving garden. If you really want to explore the future of hydroponic growing, you should consider the benefits of LED lighting. LED lighting is a powerful way to get your plants everything that they need to grow, plus it also has the benefits of being low energy and low heat. This means that you will have a lower energy bill. And if you happen to live a particularly warm part of the world, you can be less concerned about the heat emanating for your hydroponic grow lights over heating your hydroponic garden or even searing delicate growing plants.

Proper Sanitation – No hydroponic garden is complete without a good supply of isopropyl alcohol. This is because allowing bacteria to form on your equipment is just asking for disease. Cleaning off the outside of your reservoir, grow trays, and other equipment will help decrease your risk of an infection and help reduce unpleasant odors. You should also make certain to clear away any dead organic matter from your grow room, like pruned leaves or branches. This will make your hydroponic garden easier to move around in and also reduce odds of bacterial infection.

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Grow Enhancers – Getting the Most from Your Plants

There is not one big secret to getting your hydroponically grown plants to grow more. As much as people try to find it, there is not a single act that will have your plants shoot up to the ceiling of your grow room.

There are, however, lots of little grow enhancers that, when added up, can create significantly more favorable conditions for those bigger yields and superior growth that you really crave.

Stop Disease Before It Starts – One of the simplest and most important grow enhancers is relies on prevention. You need to work to make certain that your plant is guarded against the kind of diseases that put the brakes on weeks worth of effort.

If a harmful pathogen is introduced into your grow room and you have not taken the steps necessary to prepare, you might as well say goodbye to the idea of enhanced growth.

This is why the most important grow enhancer in your grow room might just be a hydroponics supplement that contains salicylic acid. This product, when used on your plant, can give your plant the tools it needs to fight diseases that can otherwise harm your garden.

In addition, you should also keep some fungicides on hand just in case. Killing off a disease quickly, just as it is starting to form, might be enough to save your harvest.

Root enhancers – The roots are the most important part of your plant in terms of overall growth, which is why some of the most potent grow enhancers are root enhancers. While thick roots are obviously preferable, as they are able to soak up more nutrients, you also want to make sure your roots are as complex as possible as well.

Root enhancers usually help achieve these, thicker, more complicated root systems through the assistance of beneficial bacteria. These organisms, which can be found in soil naturally, help break down the nutrients in your reservoir in such a way that actually benefits the roots.

Foliar Feeding – Once you have done everything you can for your roots, and set them up in such a manner that they soak up all of the nutrients that they possibly can, does not mean that you have absorbed your plants nutrient absorbing capabilities.

As a matter of fact, you are still very much able to turn to foliar feeding, which is just spraying the leaves of your plant with the proper nutrient solution, in order to put your nutrient uptake over the top.

Using foliar feeding as a grow enhancer will require the purchase of some extra equipment, such as a spray bottle and a surfactant, but it can do wonders for the development of your garden.

Trimming Your Plants – While lots of hydroponic supplements can work fabulously as grow enhancers, some of the most powerful grow enhancers are as old as horticulture itself. If you notice any branches that are not performing quite as well as you would like, break out your trimming shears. Cleaning up your plants helps focus your nutrients in areas where they are most useful.


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