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Faster Rooting – the Importance of the Mother Plant

One of true tests of the skill of a hydroponics grower is cloning. One of the primary reasons why cloning in hydroponics can be so challenging is that the stems are extremely fragile.

They do not have access to their usual source of nutrients and moisture, and therefore can easily die off if not taken care of properly. Fortunately, there is one way that you can significantly increase the odds of a successful cloning: faster rooting.

The faster that your roots can appear, the sooner that they can start making use of your nutrient solution. And the sooner you can make this happen, the more likely it is that they will survive and grow into healthy plants.

Supplement Extra Carbohydrates – You probably already know that your plant already provides its own source of carbohydrates via photosynthesis. However, if you really want your plants to be faster rooting, you should consider using a hydroponics supplement that provides even more carbohydrates to your plant. This is because carbohydrates are the prime energy sources for stems, and the more energy that you can pack into a single stem.

Of course you should also consider using your carbohydrate supplements for the flowering or fruiting stage of your plants development. An extra shot of high quality carbohydrates at this stage can help flowers smell sweet and produce taste a whole lot better.

B Vitamin Supplements – One of the reasons why it can be so difficult to clone is because the cloning process is very shocking to both the mother plant and the stem. This degree of stress can just make it hard to perform regular functions, which in turn makes it extremely difficult to form roots.

In order to allay the stress caused by cloning, many hydroponic growers use B vitamin supplements. These supplements can help your stems deal wit the shock of being cut off from the mother plant, as well as stimulate faster rooting.

Humates – Humates are ways to make certain that all of your nutrients are as available as possible to your plants. The more that your young stems can soak up the nutrients in the nutrient solution, the more likely it is that they will be able to root faster. This faster rooting will give way to even faster rooting as roots start to take hold in the growing medium.

A Good Stem – You should not be indiscriminate when cutting off stems to use on your mother plant. Just cutting every stem you see without paying attention to quality will probably just lead to a grow tray full of dead, brown sticks.

The ideal stem should be a healthy dark green with a few good leaves. The leaves will help your plant produce a few extra carbohydrates as it starts to take root, which will only lead to faster rooting.

You should also make certain to use a very sharp razor blade that has been disinfected. A dull blade can easily cause unnecessary damage to your stem, which will inhibit faster rooting. And you obviously do not want to introduce any disease to your stem before it even gets a chance to root.


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Bloom Stimulator – The Most Important Steps in Hydroponics

Every step of your hydroponic growing should be done with one thing in mind: huge blooms. While there is a lot of little things that you have to do in order to get to that point, it is helpful to remember why you putting in all of the effort.

While these are very achievable in hydroponics they simply will not happen on their own. They only happen through the smart combination of hard work, good tools, and the right bloom stimulators.

Usually, it is not just one bloom stimulator that really get the job done for creating big blooms. It is a combination of several bloom stimulators to create a huge affect.

If you want to get great blooms, check out these powerful bloom stimulators that you can use in your hydroponic system:

PK 9/18 – If you talk to some hydroponics growers, they might immediately suggest you start using PK 13/14 as a bloom stimulator. But this is a problem, because this formula actually contains way too much phosphorus.

This formula is based on outdoor soil gardening, where phosphorus is more likely to get washed away. In an indoor hydroponics setting, the best bloom stimulator formula is PK 9/18. It gives your plants that extra shot of potassium that they really need to create huge blooms, without overloading them with phosphorus.

Humates – This is something that you should actually use throughout the development of your plants, but it works very well in conjunction with other bloom stimulators. Humates are materials that simply work with hydroponics nutrients to make them more readily absorbed into your plant.

They work as a bloom stimulator mostly because they help ensure optimal uptake of phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential to the development of blooms during this time.

Amino Acids – They are one of the most overlooked bloom stimulators, but they also have probably the greatest potential to increase the overall color , weight, and taste of your blooms. Probably the two most important amino acids to create larger blooms are tryptophan and cystein.

When you use them during the blooming phase, you will probably start noticing big changes in aroma and rate of growth. Typically, you find these amino acids in combination with other bloom stimulators in hydroponic products, though they are sometimes sold separately at hydroponic supply stores.

Vitamins – Just like people, plants need an assortment of vitamins in order to thrive. If you are looking for a good bloom stimulator, you shouldn’t ignore the power of vitamins, like certain forms of plant friendly B and C. C is especially important during the final couple weeks of plant development, while B can help fight off stress.

Your plant can suffer a great deal of stress in the weeks leading up to harvest time, which might actually cause your plants to shrink and subsequently hurt your harvest. By using B vitamins, you prevent this from happening, and ensure that any difficult conditions do not prevent you from having the best blooms possible.

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