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Plant Growth Enhancers – Supplements Every Hydroponics Grower Should Have

A sad truth is that the majority of hydroponic gardens never reach their full potential. With hydroponics, you have the ability to achieve much faster growth and much larger harvests than what is possible in soil gardens.

But you will only enjoy these benefits if you really pay attention to your garden’s development and educate yourself on the variety of plant growth enhancers that are available to you.

Here are plant growth enhancers that every hydroponics grower should be aware of:

Growth enhancing Bacteria – One of the most essential plant growth enhancers that you should use is a hydroponics product that contains beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria, when introduced to your reservoir, can quickly colonize in your root system, helping them become thicker and larger. In addition, bacteria affects your nutrient solution, particularly the nitrogen.

The majority of the nitrogen in your nutrient solution is actually useless in its natural state. Before it can be soaked up by your roots, it must first be fixed into a nutrient that is actually useful to your plant. Bacteria assist with this process, creating tremendously beneficial bacteria at a very brisk pace.

Helpful Fungi – Most hydroponic growers actually work hard to decrease the instances of fungal growth in their hydroponic garden, usually by controlling humidity and other factors. If you discover that your plants have a lot of harmful fungi growing on them, you might even have to use a lot of fungicide to help your plants recover.

However, there is a whole category of fungi that act as plant growth enhancers, most notably trichoderma. These organisms work symbiotically with hydroponically plants roots, increasing their size and improving their effectiveness in soaking up nutrients. In addition trichoderma can actually decrease your odds of having to deal with fungi that can harm your plant, like rust.

Humic and Fulvic Acid – One of the simplest and the most cost effective means of increasing overall nutrient uptake, and therefore improving yield and growth, is using humic and fulvic acid. These humates, especially when added together, can make your nutrient solution tremendously more effective and fruitful.

As a side bonus, humates can actually interact with other supplements that you use, increasing their effectiveness. Most notably, these plant growth enhancers help along your beneficial bacteria, giving them extra resources to grow, thrive, and multiply.

B Vitamins – Just like humans, hydroponically grown plants can benefit greatly from a regular intake of vitamins. In particular, one of the most beneficial vitamins that plants can receive is a vitamin like B1 and B12. The primary way that these help is by fighting off stress.

Stress, usually caused by less than ideal conditions in your grow room, can severely harm your plants ability to soak up nutrients and stunt growth. These products fight off this stress and help encourage much more rapid growth.

They also assist greatly by increasing your plants overall metabolism. This makes them more capable to using the nutrients you place in your hydroponics reservoir.

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2 Responses to Plant Growth Enhancers – Supplements Every Hydroponics Grower Should Have

  1. Avatar
    Matthew February 20, 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Avatar
    Dave Cobb April 17, 2015 at 6:58 am #

    It would be nice if you just hinted to what advanced nutrients supplements these beneficials can be found in. You guys have so many products it gets a little overwhelming trying to figure out what is the most important things I should use first and what things can wait till I have more cash to invest. What is up with your organics it doesn’t have it’s own tribe ? It almost feels like it gets second shelf treatment over there, you can’t find it on your web site unless you search for it and it’s not in the lineup for the feed chart calculator. Are your organics top shelf and are they getting all the attention from your research teams as the rest of your products? I really have worked hard at trying to keep my crops as organic as possible to get the cleanest meds I can get.
    I don’t know if big Mike reads this stuff but my hats off to him for sharing his interview very touching even though he is at the top of his game he hasn’t forgot the struggle it took to get to the top. I know the feeling I’m on disability and a caregiver for 5 patients I have every last penny invested in this crop it puts a lot of pressure on a guy not to fail.
    Your bundles should be set up like these are the basics that will get you buy will call this The broke dick dogs it’s the starting point. then you have a good harvest you can move up cause you have a little more to invest all the way up the ladder to the final stage where you can afford the whole line will call this The Big Mike money level. lmao
    From what i’ve seen and read so far you guys give the best support out there my hope is that you’re working on an organic line that is just as good as your other lines and gets top billing.
    Love and Light
    Dave Cobb
    White Buffalo Man

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