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Plant Enhancers –The Best Ways to Give Your Hydroponically Grown Plants a Boost

A good hydroponic gardener is never passive. The really greatest hydroponic gardeners, the ones who enjoy fantastic yields year after year, are the ones who are really passionate about their work and always look for great opportunities to improve upon typical hydroponics methods.

This is why you should seriously consider every plant enhancer that comes your way. Employing a few simple plant-boosting techniques can be the difference between just an adequate harvest and an explosive ones.

Here are some of the best ways to give you an edge in your hydroponics garden:

LED Lights – If you come across a little extra money, and want to find a good way to upgrade your hydroponics garden, the very first thing that you should do is buy some good LED lights.

Many studies have shown that LED lights can actually give you an edge over using traditional hydroponic indoor lighting systems, helping your plants grow bigger and healthier. What is even more remarkable is that since these grow lights consume less energy, they can actually help you cut down on your overall lighting bill.

Foliar Feeding – One of the most powerful, but sadly neglected plant enhancers is foliar feeding. The roots are where your plants absorb most of their nutrients, but even the thickest roots can only do so much. It gets to a point where the roots cannot suck up any more nutrients, even though the plant itself can benefit from an extra shot of them.

This is where foliar feeding comes into play. To really give your plants a boost, you can use a pump that turns your nutrient solution into a fine mist and spray it on the leaves. Here your plants will absorb extra nutrients through the pores on the leaves themselves.

Doing this regularly throughout the growing season can give you a real edge. When using this technique, make certain to coat the underside of the leaf to cover all of the stomata, and use a surfactant so that the solution actually sticks to the plant.

B Vitamin Supplement – One of the best and most affordable plant enhancers is the humble B vitamin supplements. A good shot of B vitamins can increase your plants metabolism significantly, and even help it rebound from deficiencies, transplants, and disease much more quickly. These supplements can come in either synthetic or organic varieties, so you can use these kinds of supplements will still growing hydro-organically.

Carbohydrate Supplement – It is common knowledge that plants produce their own carbohydrates through photosynthesis. But did you know that you can actually add some extra carbohydrates to your plants by using carbohydrate supplements? These plant enhancers can affect your plants incredibly and positively, leading to tastier fruits and sweeter smelling flowers.

Some growers, in an attempt to save some money, actually add simple sugar additives such as molasses. This is a mistake, because these sugars do not give you the full range of carbohydrates that a good supplement designed specifically for hydroponics does.

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    Kelley February 20, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

    molasses is horrible in hydroponics
    it made a huge mess it was terrible

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