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Persecuted for Being in the Cannabis Industry


Chances are you’ve heard about the baller parties I host for our community at my mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

And as you may be aware, I was planning the best one yet for Super Bowl Sunday.

Over 500 growers, store owners, and industry leaders were set to travel from all around the country to watch the game on giant screens (some as big as 17ft x 10ft) overlooking LA’s beautiful skyline. They would mingle with celebrities, body-painted women, and 420-friendly ex-NFL players. And they would enjoy live performances by the Official LA Ram Cheerleaders, as well as professional music and entertainment, virtual reality gaming, an experiential 3D dome, and, of course, a bud bar and a dab bar.


It was certain to be the most badass and memorable party our industry has ever seen. And I personally spent over one million dollars of my own money to make sure of it. I did everything in my power to give every single person in attendance the time of their lives.


The day before the party, the LAPD warned that if the party were to continue as planned, our guests would not be allowed in.

20160813-marijuana_mansion-011The city of Los Angeles then issued a Stop Work Order on the event. Advanced Nutrients CMO was on site when the order was given. When our CMO instructed vendors and team members to ignore the order and keep working, the Building and Safety inspector threatened to have him arrested.

This is a pattern we’ve experienced before. At a previous (private and lawful) party of ours, the LAPD threatened to arrest our President when he defied their orders to close it down.

However, when it became clear through back channels that city officials were ready to obtain an administrative warrant to arrest our executives and shut down the Super Bowl Party, putting our guests, staff, and the officers themselves in a compromising position, I made the responsible decision to cancel the party.

As someone who has never been afraid to take risks, this was not an easy decision.

The story was all over the news.

Check it out:



Now it’s true a small minority of my neighbors were upset about the party, citing potential parking and trash problems. And my neighbors’ comfort and safety is important to me, which is why I made my team and myself available to them to discuss their concerns.

weed-helmetBut make no mistake…

The LA City Council and LAPD kiboshing the party had nothing to do with trash or traffic.

The fact is, my neighbors were nothing more than scapegoats for high-ranking officials in the city of Los Angeles as part of a continuing pattern of bullying and intimidation, simply because I, like you, am in the cannabis industry.

Now, I’ve thrown a number of private parties in Los Angeles before this one. And you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who organizes such a professional and polished experience as my team and I do.

The event was by invitation only and the guest list was comprised almost exclusively of responsible growers, cannabis business owners, and celebrities.

sunsetAnd the only way to get into the party was to park in a lot I’d rented on Sunset Blvd. and then take a luxury shuttle service I’d hired. Anyone who didn’t take the shuttle—including anyone who tried parking in the neighborhood—would have been denied entrance at the gate.

As for security, we didn’t just hire any ol’ security company to police the event. Our security team included off-duty sheriff’s deputies, trained Navy SEALs, and even ex-U.S. Secret Service Agents.

I explained to the city that parking and trash would not be a problem. I also provided specific reasons why these things wouldn’t be a problem. But, because I’m in the marijuana industry, nothing I said mattered.

Which is why, after being forced to shut down the party, I called a press conference, which you can watch here:



Now, threats like those made by the LAPD are nothing new to me.

big_mike_super_bowl_partyAnd I have evidence that my team and I have been intimidated and bullied solely because we are in the cannabis business, which I look forward to presenting in an open court of law.

Obviously, the last thing I wanted was for law enforcement to storm the party and put my guests and team members at risk.

And, as a leader in the cannabis industry, I certainly didn’t want the stain of a raid on a lawful party to be inflicted on our community.

LAPDBut even though I canceled the party, this will not be…

…cannot be…

…the end of the story.

While I set out to give my guests the greatest Super Bowl Party experience of their lives, the city of Los Angeles—a great city built on entertainment and private parties at homes such as mine—made it impossible.

Therefore, I have been forced to turn the Super Bowl Party into The Super Bowl Party Lawsuit.

The party I was forced to cancel cost over one million dollars to produce. My team worked their asses off to put this thing together. Guests were coming in from all over the country to attend. Many had already boarded their planes.

prop-64The city needs to make this right. Not just for me, but for our entire industry.

Which is why I’ve instructed Advanced Nutrients’ CFO, Wayne Johnson, to work with our attorneys on filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against L.A.’s City Council, the Department of Building and Safety, the City Attorney, and the City Councilman who ordered that our lawful and timely permits be denied.

Our community has been the subject of bullying and abuse from those in power for far too long. But times are changing. Cannabis legalization is gaining massive momentum throughout the world. And those in power who still hold onto archaic social ideologies feel threatened by this. They’re digging their heels in, railing against the change and hoping to reverse the tidal wave.

Now I don’t know about you, but…

I refuse to cower to uninformed outsiders, authorities with political agendas, and antiquated, entrenched politicians holding onto societal norms that are contrary to the will of the voters in California (through Prop 64) and the 28 other states that have legalized responsible use of cannabis products.


I’ve never hidden behind a tomato

Even though I’ve built the #1-selling line of cannabis-specific nutrients in the world—a company that does over $100 million per year in sales—I’ve always been an underdog.

And unlike my competitors, not once have I hidden behind a tomato or felt ashamed of the community I serve.

And my company, Advanced Nutrients, carries out philanthropic activities on a Global scale. From the poorest sections of Bulgaria to Skid Row in Los Angeles, we feed and clothe the homeless, the hungry, and the forgotten.

And I will continue to lead the fight against anyone or any group, no matter how large, that threatens our community.


Change is essential.

It’s time our elected officials transform their attitudes towards our industry.

Which is why I have instructed my attorneys and executive team to begin work creating a new non-profit, the Cannabis Freedom Fund.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 2.34.46 PMThe mission of the Cannabis Freedom Fund will be to find, develop, and install pro-cannabis candidates at all levels of government so we can unseat outdated ideologies that don’t respect the people’s voice.

Reasonable people can disagree about cannabis. That’s fine.

But the lawful will of the people cannot be denied.

I simply won’t stand for it.

That’s why I am making an immediate contribution to the Cannabis Freedom Fund in the amount of $100,000.

I also promise that any and all proceeds recovered through our legal action will be donated to the Cannabis Freedom Fund, so it can support and protect our beloved industry.

13814056_1298111446886488_1837198109897025592_nOver half of America thinks marijuana should be legal in some form or another. But it’s been illegal for so long that, in many people’s eyes, anyone who grows or sells it is still nothing but a lowlife drug dealer.

To them, we’re no better than street corner heroin pushers.

Now you and I both know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. We know that we’re actually doing something good. Our product (marijuana) relieves the symptoms of all sorts of nasty medical conditions. We make users and patients happy while causing them few, if any, negative side effects.

We’re doing something good.

The real drug pushers are Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma. And they pay a healthy sum to make sure the Government protects their interests and persecutes the likes of you and me because we’re in the cannabis industry, and as such, are seen as a threat. We’re the healthy and safe alternative to their poisons.

The_BM_Story_Page_46_300x300pxUnfortunately, many people still buy into the lie the Government’s been spoon-feeding them for the past century that says cannabis is bad.

And in spite of overwhelming evidence that marijuana is beneficial to a lot of people and has little or no downside, they refuse to change their beliefs.

That’s on them.

What’s on us, and our fellow growers and cannabis entrepreneurs, is to hold elected officials accountable to the will of the voters.

To learn more about the Cannabis Freedom Fund, go to…


While the LAPD and City Council won this battle by shutting down our Super Bowl Party, the war is far from over.

As I’ve written about before (here), plenty of bullies have tried to intimidate me over the years.

I’ve faced just about every kind of obstacle imaginable.

The_BM_Story_Page_03_300x300pxAs a kid, it was schoolyard bullies.

As an outlaw grower it was crop failures, arrests, and rip-offs. I had dozens of indoor and outdoor grows seized by the police, was imprisoned, extorted, kidnapped, exiled from a country where I was living with my wife and child, and had a dear friend and grow partner fall from the sky in my ultralight and die in my arms just yards from the wreckage.

Since going legit, I’ve been sued, had partnerships sour, and had government agencies try to shut me down because of my past and the industry I’m in.

And because I was the first in the industry—and the only one for a number of years—to not just admit, but also advertise, that my products are for growing marijuana, I had a half-dozen of the largest distributors try to get my products blacklisted from stores. Advanced Nutrients was in its infancy and these distributors—that I dubbed The Good Ol’ Boys, and who had a combined annual revenue of $900,000,000—did everything in their power to put me out of business.

They threatened store owners that they wouldn’t do business with them if they carried my products. They spread rumors that I was a biker, murderer, and DEA agent. They even had their lawyers send out an opinion letter that warned: IF YOU BUY FROM ADVANCED NUTRIENTS YOU COULD BE ARRESTED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

All because I was honest about what I sold and knew a hell of a lot more about the nutrients that marijuana thrives on than they did.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 2.34.58 PMBut just like The Good Ol’ Boys learned that I’m not going away, so will the city of Los Angeles.

Our community stands up for what we believe in. In fact, that’s one of the many reasons I’m so proud to be a part of it.

I look forward to partying with you soon.

Talk soon,

P.S. When I throw a party, I spare no expense. So when I was forced to shut down the Super Bowl party, I was left with a TON of delicious food, enough to feed 1,000 people in fact.

Something had to be done…

No way I could let all that food go to waste when there are so many hungry people in L.A. that could benefit from it.

So we contacted the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition who used it to feed the neediest of needy men, women, and children in L.A. Check it out…



To support the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, visit them at http://gwhfc.org

And although I was forced to cancel the party, I kept my promise to my Instagram contest winners and had them up to the mansion to hang out and watch the Super Bowl with me. We had a great time getting lit and enjoying the game. And just like the Pats came back to win, you can bet your last bud that I’m going to come back and win over the city. Thanks to @andre.west @ohmyyylatto @bellamorous_bella and @badmothafuckajay for coming out… it was nice meeting you.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 1.11.05 PM

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