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How I Went From One 500 Sq. Foot Grow Room to Over a Million Marijuana Plants

Hey there, I hope you’re doing great and your crops are kickin’ ass.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to grow over a million plants over the years, build my dream business (Advanced Nutrients), and help so many people through our charity work.

Now, I believe the biggest reasons most people don’t live the kind of life they want are… read more

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7 Ways to Become a Kickass Grower

Hey, I hope you’re doing great.

In this post I’m going to lay out seven ways to become a kickass grower.

Now, I realize some of what I’m about to share with you is much different than your typical “how to grow weed” article. The truth is, we already have plenty of instructional content available in numerous places like our free Grow Med University resource. read more

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About My OCD, ADD, Dyslexia, and Anxiety—And How I Use These to Kick Ass

I’m a firm believer of turning obstacles into fuel.

Not only have I dealt with crop failure, busts, manhunts, thieves, outlaw bikers trying to extort me, other nutrient companies trying to blackball me, lawsuits, divorce, poverty, and so many hurdles it would make your head spin, I also have a number of disabilities. read more

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An Open Letter To Our Community—And a Strange Confession

Damn, I’m in awe right now and have something a bit strange to admit to you (which I’ll get to in a moment).

I just hopped off the G4 I took to the Michigan Cannabis Cup and back with @allisongreen @melissamarie @xxbleedgoldxx @samiiryan @alyshanet, as well as a handful of store owners and their wives, where Advanced Nutrients won 3rd place in Best Product & Best Booth. read more

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Grow Med University Featured on The Discovery Channel

This is so cool…

Grow Med University, our free resource to help educate both beginning and advanced growers on how to grow big, fat, sweet and stinky, high-potency buds, was recently featured on News Watch and the Discovery Channel, making it the first online cannabis education platform to be featured by a major TV network. read more

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D’oh! Hundreds of Pounds of Weed Drying and The Landlord Wanted to Show The House

This got hairy…

The early nineties.

I was simultaneously running seven or eight indoor grows and six outdoor grows throughout multiple counties and having a blast.

On this particular Tuesday evening, my two grow partners—let’s call them Jim and Scott—and I were drying hundreds of pounds of bud in the four-thousand square foot basement of a home I’d rented under a fake name in Barrington, Illinois. Jim and Scott lived in the house, but I’d been the one who’d rented it and had the relationship with the landlord. read more

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How I Harvested So Many Guerrilla Grows Without Getting Caught

The other day I was kicking back at my new home in Los Angeles, thinking about old times.

I thought about my mom and dad and my crush on Ruth Prince in the 5th grade. Wavy hair, button nose, and a giggle to die for, that girl sure put a spell on me. I’d sit next to her on the bus hoping to get her attention. read more

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A Gift For You From My Years On The Lam

I have a gift for you today. It’s not exactly a quote unquote growing gift, however, as a grower, I think you’ll find it beneficial.

I’m going to tell you all about this gift in just a moment, but first I want you to know how it came to be…

If you read the post I wrote about the recent passing of my mother then you know when I was a kid things got a little crazy in the Straumietis home. read more

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