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My Behind The Scenes Interview at The ‘Disneyland for Potheads’ [They Made Me CRY…]

Hey, I hope you’re doin’ great…

Recently I was at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup—which I call Disneyland for Potheads because it was so awesome, exciting, and fun.

While I was there, Playboy Morning Show host, Andrea Lowell, and her co-host, playmate Erika Jordan, interviewed me about the state of the industry, my life as a grower, and the future of our community.

Well, the damndest thing happened during the interview. The girls got me to cry!

See what happened here:

YouTube Preview Image
I tend to get emotional when it comes to our community

… Especially when I think about how much marijuana (and growing marijuana) helps people and makes the world a better place, and how much you, as a grower, have on the line when you’re waiting for a crop to come in.

I know what it’s like to have everything riding on a crop.

I understand what’s at stake.

If you’ve the read the blog post Eljay wrote about my life as a grower, then you know there was a time when I was on the lam in Temecula, California and, had my crop failed, I would’ve been doomed.

I know all about getting your doors kicked in; about thieves, diseases, pests, wrong pH, issues with grow room conditions—including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc—equipment and timer failure, and all the other variables that can cause a crop to completely bottom out.

I’ve been there.

That’s one of the reasons I want you to be successful.

It’s why I’ve worked my ass off so that you can succeed.

I want you to grow the best damn buds you possibly can and share them with the world. It is my life’s mission.

I want you to have so much financial success that you never have to worry about money again. Whether it’s to raise your family, send your kids to college, or so you can party like Keith Richards—which I advise against by the way, but hell, if you want to do it, then I want you to be able to without money problems holding you back.

I’m damn proud to be at the genesis of the marijuana movement.

It blows my mind when I think about how much our community has grown these past few years.

Just imagine all the success that’s in store for us over the next couple of years.

However amazing you think it’s going to be, I guarantee it doesn’t even come close to how incredible your life is actually going to be if you just continue to better yourself as a grower and as a person.

Always. Get. Better.

Always, always, always improve.

The road ahead of us is paved with gold and lined with giant, green, sweet-smellin’ buds.

Disneyland-for-Pot-Heads-FIThings are about to get downright fucking awesome.

YOU are making a difference. YOU are growing the medicine that improves peoples’ lives and makes them happier.

The impact we’re having on the world as a grower is much bigger than you think.

Damn, talking about all this gets me pumped!

Talk soon,

Big Mike

P.S. If you haven’t read my life story yet, head on over to this blog post.

It’s loaded with all kinds of crazy stories from 32 years in the trenches as a pot grower…

Millions of pot plants, hundreds of millions of dollars, counter-surveillance techniques, a shakedown by a violent biker gang, a plane crash, an insane and vengeful ex-girlfriend, giant busts, a manhunt by the DEA and U.S. Marshals, a kidnapping, life on the lam under seven different identities, over 50 firsts in the world of marijuana growing, and a bizarre near death experience—it’s all in there.

Read the entire story here: What Big Mike Won’t Tell You About Advanced Nutrients

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