How BigMike Started Growing and Co-Founded Advanced Nutrients (part 1)

In this short segment, BigMike talks about the woes of racial profiling and his troubles with the police in Spain. Not only does he get stopped twice without probable cause, he and his vehicle get searched!

BigMike also reveals how he started with mixing chemicals while running his own lawn care business at age nineteen and how that helped prepare him for running his own business and how carried over into the creation of Advanced Nutrients.

We even get to hear about the mistakes he made back then and how he evaded U.S. Marshalls and escaped to Canada avoiding prosecution where he met the other co-founders of Advanced Nutrients.


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2 Responses to How BigMike Started Growing and Co-Founded Advanced Nutrients (part 1)

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    oldskool January 28, 2014 at 12:22 pm #

    Hey mike, love the articles man…and obviously your
    nutes. I run your organic line and paired with the beneficials and carbos, will surpass any synthetic on the market in my opinion. I saw a vid with remo you talked about organic big bud. Any info on the release date? I’m very excited about this one. Thanx in advance! P.s. I love the success mindset and attributes. Following you dream and passion is really the most critical thing towards ones success!

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    dimitar January 7, 2016 at 4:18 am #

    I am Bulgarian, and thank you for the good things you do for a lot of my poor sanarodnitsi.No they please with the charity to which you have undertaken, to campaign for the legalization of marijuana for hospital purposes, so that the majority of my countrymen patients cancer to treat or alleviate pain, and CAC will sigornost Baden loved by many many Balgara and Baden lauded as the savior of the poor and sick Balgara.

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