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Grab Those Plants By The Balls

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.01.44 PMWarning: If you’re easily offended by a few F Bombs, you may want to pass on reading this post. I’m very passionate about the topic I’m about to discuss with you and after reading what I wrote noticed I used the F Word a bit more than I normally would in a blog post. To the easily offended: you’ve been warned.

I’ve met a lot of growers who want to take their crops to the next level. They want bigger grows, heavier yields, and tastier, more potent buds. But they haven’t done anything about it. They’re still growing in that same tiny spare bedroom in their house or in those tents they keep in their garage.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against growing small. I’m not here to tell anyone that they should aspire to grow bigger. I respect the grower who runs a few plants for personal use and to sell to their friends as much as I respect the guys running hundreds of lights. If you’re growing one plant or 10,000, I think that’s awesome. You are one of my people. My family.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.01.58 PMWhen it comes to the growers who talk about going bigger, who want, wish, and hope to go bigger, but don’t do a damn thing about it…well, I just can’t relate.

If you want something, go out and grab it by the fucking balls. Whether it’s commercial-sized grows, your dream house, your ideal mate, the career, business or hobby you’ve always wanted to start, making millions of dollars, getting lean and healthy, starting a fucking revolution, gaining a new skill, becoming a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, experiencing new things, or just enjoying a simple life.

Whatever it is, if you want it, go after it as if not achieving or attaining it would mean taking a bullet to the head.

There’s no excuse for not giving your all to the journey between where you are and where you want to be. Plenty of people have overcome far greater obstacles than you or I will ever face.

I don’t care if you have six children, no car, a learning disability, are in debt up to your eyeballs, are missing a fucking limb, have no connections, and your dog ate your homework: if your WHY—your reason for achieving, attaining, or experiencing the thing(s) you want—is big enough, you’ll find a way.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.04.04 PMAnd if your WHY isn’t big enough, then, quite possibly, what you’re reaching for isn’t what you actually want. At least not enough to go after it as if your life depends on it. You may think you really want it, but if there’s no fire in your belly, then there’s a good chance you just kinda sorta want it and would be better off finding a goal where every cell in your body conspires with the pit of your soul to say: I have to fucking have that…NOW.

When you feel that, you’re onto something.

Now, if you don’t feel that way about growing, maybe you’re best off remaining content with the current size and performance of your grows or should even get out of growing all together, if you don’t truly enjoy it, and find something that you’d do everything short of steal or kill for to do or attain.

Just like many of the most successful growers and businessmen I know, I started with damn near nothing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.09.38 PMI was raised in lower-middle class family that lived month to month and was constantly in turmoil.

I had an alcoholic and painkiller-addicted mother and a father who let me roam the streets doing whatever the hell I wanted, whenever the hell I wanted. Their fights were so bad our house would look like a riot had taken place—busted furniture, broken glass, food on the walls and floor. To escape the chaos I ran away many times and would steal to get by, which landed me in juvenile hall.

I also had severe dyslexia and ADHD and was put on heavy benzodiazepines at an early age.

But here’s what I had going for me: I was discontent.

I did not want to continue living in the kind of conditions I’d been raised in. I didn’t want to just get by, struggle to make ends meet.

I wanted more. That was my WHY.

I wanted it bad enough to do something about it.

So with that WHY as my driving force, I got busy.

The_BM_Story_Page_31_300x300pxI started businesses—a lawn fertilizing company, silk plant business, tanning salon, t-shirt biz—and in 1983 began growing marijuana.

I was hooked immediately.

I was fascinated by the plant, how it grew, helped relieved peoples’ stress, and how much money it was worth.

I nerded-out on it to the extreme.

Yes, I was, and still am, a geek for the weed. A natural progression of my pre-juvenile delinquent days, when I was a rail-thin schoolboy with bony knees, coke-bottle glasses, and a ten-foot space around me that no girl who didn’t want to be the laughing stock of her friends would dare enter. I’d spend countless hours on a planet far, far away from the cool, and normal, kids with my nose buried in science magazines. It pains me even to think about it.

I was the same way with growing—obsessed.

After my second crop came in—I killed the first one—I made it my goal to become the best grower in the world, bring marijuana to its true genetic potential, and attain complete financial freedom from growing. I would not settle for less.

The_BM_Story_Page_48_300x300pxIn the process of chasing these goals, I’ve been ripped off, arrested, and had crops completely bottom out.

But I persisted and was able to bring thousands of pounds of BC Bud to market each and every month. By the year 2000, it was often thousands of pounds per week.

That same year, I wanted to create the highest-quality line of cannabis nutrients in the world and share those nutrients with growers across the globe.

And I made a ton of mistakes. I blew shit up, got blood on the floor, and made decisions that almost cost me the business.

I’ve been in the red, been sued, and been burned.

The government tried to shut the company down.

Major distributors and other hydroponic companies attempted to blacklist me from the industry because I was the only one in the business who not only admitted, but also blatantly stated, what my products were for—growing marijuana, NOT tomatoes and orchids. Those greedy SOBs even had their lawyers send a letter to grow stores stating that anyone who purchased or sold my products risked being arrested.

But I trudged forward.

And today, Advanced Nutrients does over $105 million in annual sales.

And at last count we’re in over 100 countries.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.04.55 PMWe sell more cannabis-specific nutrients than any other company in the world.

Now, I don’t say this to try to sound cool. I say this to remind you that if you work hard and have a big enough WHY, you will accomplish your goals.

We all know this. But we all need to be reminded from time to time, because it’s easy to get up caught up in the day-to-day battles and forget the bigger picture. It’s easy to steer off course.

Writing this helps me remember, as well.

It’s important to stay on track.

Because I hustled my ass off for things I had to achieve—or else my soul would have given me so much shit, I would have ended up one of the most miserable bastards in the world—today I can say that if you’ve grown or even just consumed marijuana, you’ve benefited from something I’ve done.

Me, a dyslexic, ADHD, hyper goofball whose OCD gets so bad sometimes, turning doorknobs and light switches requires I adhere to bizarre counting rituals—1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2…1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2. A continual four-part sequence of “1-2.”Sometimes it was 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128.

It’s not Howie-Mandel-out-of-control, but the symptoms can be severe at times.

Fortunately, I haven’t had a lot of OCD flareups lately. I mostly keep it directed at my business, obsessively finding new and better ways to grow marijuana.

DEA/RCMP Stress-Weight (=

Tipping the scales at over 300 pounds. I call it my DEA/RCMP/Competitors-and-Government-Trying-to-Shut-Me-Down-Stress-Weight —D’oh!

But during times of great stress, like when the DEA, RCMP, and FBI were barreling down on me in 2001, it can get a little crazy. Must look funny to anyone watching me, this guy flicking lights on and off for no reason and twisting doorknobs eighty times before opening a door. Seeing it from the outside, I’d think it was funny, too.

I also gained a bunch of weight during that period. The stress of knowing I’d be arrested any day caused me to reach for food. And throughout the case and the initial years of building Advanced Nutrients, I kept reaching. I eventually ballooned up to over 300 pounds.

Finally, I decided to do something about it and began eating healthy and exercising daily again. I hadn’t consistently lifted weights or done cardio in years. But I pushed myself through the workouts, pushed away plates of fatty and unhealthy foods and lost over fifty pounds and have kept it off for years.

And I was able to do that because my WHY was big enough. I have a daughter and she needs her father around. I’m not much good to her underground.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.03.52 PMIf the reason WHY you want expand your growing operations is big enough, then you’ll get busy and do it, no matter how many obstacles stand in your way, or how many naysayers tell you that you can’t do it.

If your reason WHY isn’t big enough, find something else to do. I’m not saying get out of growing. Grow as much or little as you want. Grow in a way that makes you happy.

But also find something that lights a fire under your ass and go get it.

And remember, embrace the journey, the effort, the act of creation, even more so than the outcome. The juice is in the adventure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always fun. It is, however, always fulfilling.

At least that’s been my experience.

Talk soon,
Big Mike

P.S. Right now I’m wrapping up a free report for you titled What Big Marijuana Doesn’t Want You To Know. It’s all about the future of the cannabis industry and how you can be one of the few to succeed while most commercial growers and weed entrepreneurs get squeezed out by Big Marijuana.

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