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Announcing BudLabs: The Hydroponics Growing App That Makes Your Life Easier and Your Buds Better

Hey, it’s BigMike. If you’d like to consistently pull heavy yields of potent marijuana, then I have something exciting to share with you.

When I started my first hydro grow-op in 1983, very few growers knew what hydroponics was, even though it had been around for thousands of years!

It’s believed that, in 600 B.C., the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, functioned using hydroponic principles.

600 B.C.!

Yet in the mid-’80s, when I tried to explain the benefits of hydroponics to other growers, they looked at me with the same doubtful stares I imagine Pythagoras must’ve received back in 500 B.C. when he tried explaining that the earth was round.

But unlike Pythagoras, I had proof to back up my claims: my buds kicked ass over every grower in northern Illinois. And that was something they could not dispute.

Of course, genetics plays a big part in the potency of a plant. But with hydroponics and some nutrient combinations I was testing at the time, I was able to bring my weed much closer to its true genetic potential than my fellow growers were bringing theirs.

It didn’t take long before they were begging me to share my secrets.

Which I did.

In covert grow rooms, at private meetings on the down low, and chilling on couches in family rooms, sharing fatties stuffed with the fruits of my labor, I revealed my hydroponic cultivation strategies to one grower after another.

Now, remember, this was almost 35 years ago. Marijuana was illegal to grow in every one of our 50 states. And we didn’t know nearly as much about the plant as we do now, in 2017. So my methods were a bit archaic when compared to today.

But even after working my ass off for the last three and a half decades—along with a handful of other pioneers working their asses off—to advance the science of cannabis cultivation and bring marijuana to its genetic potential, many of the strategies I shared with those growers back in the ’80s still hold up today.

However, not many growers were able to get their hands on such knowledge. Because in the early and mid-’80s, information on growing marijuana with hydroponics was scarce.

There was only a small selection of books and magazines (like High Times and Sinsemilla Tips) available at the time. And the books were nearly impossible to find in stores. Which meant, if you wanted to buy them, you had to resort to ordering them through the mail. And I’m talking snail mail. Which was risky, since growing weed was a felony. And the last thing you wanted to do was join a mail order list that could potentially lead adrenaline-amped men with guns, badges, and search warrants to your doorstep. Men sworn to uphold the drug laws of the United States of America. The last motherfuckers you wanted showing up at your front door.

So, understandably, many growers were reluctant to send away for such info.

To make matters worse, the validity of the information was hit or miss. Some of it was legit. But a lot of it was as dubious as a man in a Big Foot suit claiming to be Sasquatch.

The marijuana landscape was much different back then. It was like living in another world—a world where we had to figure out a lot of shit on our own. So we ran our own research and development, testing different methods and studiously tracking our results.

To be “in the know” you had to know the right people. Meaning you either had to be in my inner circle or connected to other growers rooted in the study and practice of growing marijuana with hydroponics—and there weren’t many of us.

Fast forward to today…

Laws have changed, technology has advanced, and there are more women and men like me than ever before, dedicated to driving the sciences of both hydroponics and cannabis cultivation forward.

There’s no shortage of information available for both the beginner and the pro alike.

The Internet has leveled the playing field.

Websites like Big Buds Magazine and Grow Med University make the research data of my 25+ plant scientists (all of whom hold PhDs) and the findings of my team of hundreds of grow experts, along with the experiences of countless other “in the trenches” growers, readily accessible to everyone.

On forums and social media, and over video chat, email, text and instant messages, our community is able to share our strategies with each other in the blink of an eye, regardless of whether you live in Humboldt County, Amsterdam, or just about anywhere else on God’s Green Earth. And I do mean green. (;

Today, anyone can succeed at growing with hydroponics.

And the science is moving forward at breakneck speed.

Which is why this is such an exhilarating time to be a grower.

Now, like I said, I’ve been at this for almost 35 years now. And I’ve been teaching other growers for nearly as long—at first, strictly face-to-face, and then, starting about two decades ago, online.

And in all these years, I can say with confidence that what I’m about to share with you is…

The most useful tool for marijuana growers my team has ever created.

And we’ve created a lot of ’em.

In fact, we’ve brought over fifty firsts to the world of cannabis cultivation.

But this one is EXTRA special.

It’s going to take your growing to an entirely new level, while making your life a whole lot easier. It’s also going to earn you the respect of your fellow growers that you deserve.

You see, your reputation as a grower is important to us.

Growers are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone and their grandmother have a garden going, if not three or four.

In fact, so many people are doing it that some states are flooded with far more weed than they can consume. And for that reason, if you sell the buds you grow, your product has to be head and shoulders above what the competition is offering. Otherwise you’ll get shut out.

Even if your weed is strictly for your own personal use, I’m sure you want to consume nothing but the best, right? And it’s our job to make sure that’s what you grow—the best.

Your success is our success.

Which is why, at Advanced Nutrients, we stay closely connected with the growers who use our nutrients. And we’re constantly asking for your feedback. Because, without you, we wouldn’t be the over $100 million per year company that we are.

And to say that we value your feedback is an understatement. We know that your experience with our products is paramount to our future.

It’s growers like YOU who’ve made Advanced Nutrients the #1 best-selling brand of marijuana nutrients in the world.

And for that, on the behalf my entire team, I want to thank you.

AND I want to hook you up.

You’re going to love this…

You may be familiar with two of our top creations that growers rave about the most:

  1. Our Nutrient Feeding Charts and…
  2. Our Nutrient Calculator

Why are these tools so popular?

Well, according to our community: it’s because of how simple they make it to succeed as a grower.

And we heard you loud and clear. And, in response to your feedback, we’ve created another SIMPLE tool for you that solves a number of problems plaguing growers today, including…

  • Not using the correct nutrients
  • Not using ideal amounts of nutrients
  • Not using the optimum ratio of nutrients
  • Not feeding your plants the right nutrient base based on strain, growing method/medium, and what stage of the crop cycle they’re in
  • Not following the most accurate feeding schedule

…all of which can wreak havoc on yield weight and the taste and potency of your buds.

The tool I’m about to share with you not only solves all these problems, but it also saves you both the time and aggravation of having to figure all this out on your own.

So what is this tool I’m so excited about?

It’s an app for you phone called BudLabs. And you can grab it here:

Download BudLabs from the iTunes App Store HERE

Download BudLabs from Google Play HERE

By downloading the brand new BudLabs app to your phone, you can have the following tools in your purse or pocket, or on your belt, everywhere you go.

  • Complete product descriptions so you know what every Advanced Nutrients product does and how you can get the most out of our formulations.
  • Feeding charts for all Advanced Nutrients products, so you always use the correct amounts in your nutrient solutions.
  • Nutrient Calculator – Similar to the calculator on our website, the calculator on the BudLabs app makes calculating your nutrients brain-dead simple. And to save you lots of time, the app will store your custom calculations for future use.
  • Personal growing profile – the app is customized according to your needs and growing experience.

And a whole lot more.

The BudLabs app takes all the guesswork out of feeding your plants and is going to make growing bigger, sweeter, more potent buds easier and more convenient than ever before.

Grab it here:

Download BudLabs from the iTunes App Store HERE

Download BudLabs from Google Play HERE

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been growing for one day or for 34 years like I have…

BudLabs is designed for both beginners and master growers alike.

So no matter how experienced you are, we’re going to provide you with the customized help and guidance best suited to match your level of experience.

When you download and open BudLabs, the app will walk you through the quick and simple process of describing your hydroponic marijuana garden.

This is to ensure you receive the most optimal feeding schedule to meet your needs, complete with the precise proportions of nutrients your plants need according to where they are in the crop cycle.

Precision feeding has never been this easy.

And, as you’ll soon discover, we’ve left no stone unturned while creating the BudLabs app.

Quite simply, the BudLabs app combines everything you need for your plants to thrive.

Nothing has been left to chance.

Get it here:

Download BudLabs from the iTunes App Store HERE

Download BudLabs from Google Play HERE

Here are some of the features…

Nutrient Calculator:

  • Choose the phase of your plant and the corresponding nutrient base, depending on the type of strain, the growing method/medium, and the vegetative stage of your crop.
  • Select your growing experience – The choices vary from beginner to advanced.
  • Provide your reservoir size – To make it easy on you, and increase accuracy, you can choose between gallons and liters.
  • Based on your input, BudLabs will give you the most accurate feeding schedule – The hydroponic nutrient solution will include the required Advanced Nutrients products, separated by type and distributed within the weeks that they need to be used. The feeding schedule will also include the appropriate combination between the different products, as well as the specific proportions for each one.


  • BudLabs includes information for every Advanced Nutrients product, including its exact purpose, how it should be used, and how it affects the plant. You can access each product description from the “Products” section of the app, as well as directly from your feeding schedule.

Where to get nutrients:

  • Locate your nearest stores where you can pick up the Advanced Nutrients products you need for optimum success.
  • Contact selected stores by a simple tap, or allow BudLabs to guide you to their location.

Grower support:

  • BudLabs gives you direct contact with the world-famous Advanced Nutrients Grower Support team, where our team of grow experts will answer any and all of your questions and help you resolve any challenges you may encounter. (Please note: Grower Support is 100% secure and completely confidential.)

And BudLabs is Fast, Efficient, and User Friendly!

Here at Advanced Nutrients, we’re growers just like you. Day in and day out, we’re walking in your shoes, working to grow the best damn weed we can.

And we help growers in 100+ countries do the same.

We understand that you don’t want to waste hours racking your brain, trying to figure out how to use some complicated piece of software. Which is why we designed BudLabs to be fast, efficient, and simple to use.

Most operations are “point and tap” simple. It’s really that easy!

We know that a lot of growers grew up in a time when computers weren’t taught in school. We understand how frustrating it can be to get technology to work the way you want it to sometimes.

However, I don’t care if you’re an 18-year-old computer whiz or 88 and have a hard time figuring out the microwave or TV remote: you’re going to be surprised by how simple we’ve made BudLabs to use.

And, since BudLabs saves your history and all the information you need— securely stored in one central location that’s as easy to access at checking your text messages—this app could save you countless hours that you can spend doing something you’d enjoy—whether it’s gazing at your plants, hanging out with friends or family enjoying the fruits of your labor, or building another grow—rather than calculating nutes.

BudLabs does all the work for you so you don’t have to!

And it’s 100% free to download.

Download BudLabs now and put it to work for you today:

Download BudLabs from the iTunes App Store HERE

Download BudLabs from Google Play HERE

Talk soon,

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