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Advanced Nutrients – Tools for the Advanced Gardener

Without the basics, your garden will simply not be able to achieve very much. Even if you are backed by an impressive set of high tech equipment and resources, your garden simply won’t be able to achieve the larger yields and delicious fruit and vegetables that are possible with a hydroponics garden.

But once you have mastered all of the basic elements such as nutrient balance, temperature, basic maintenance, and pH balance, you should start thinking about other things that you can use to help your garden reach the next level of powerful growth.

3 Part Nutrients – Most beginning hydroponics growers use a basic nutrient mix that they use consistently throughout their plants development. While plants can certainly grow healthily this way, this method is not the best way to get the absolute largest and healthiest plants that you can achieve.

Your plant can benefit from different nutrients at different times, and therefore it might be a better idea to provide it with different nutrient mixes at the propagation, vegetative, and flowering stages of development.

3 part nutrients makes this process simple by grouping the nutrients that promote growth, the nutrient that promote blooming, and the micronutrients into separate containers. You can then mix these nutrients together, depending upon how developed your plants are.

PK 9/18 – As your plants start to enter the flowering stage of development, you have to make certain that your plants get a solid boost of potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are essential to full fruits and healthy blooms. But many people make the mistake of using PK 13/14 to give their plants a boost of these nutrients, which actually have the wrong ratio of phosphorus to potassium.

More current and accurate research shows that hydropnically grown plants would benefit much more from a two to one ratio of these macronutrients. This is why you can experience the best results with PK 9/18 during this critical stage of you plants development.

B Vitamin Hydroponic Products – One of the greatest inhibitors to your plants developments and growth is stress. Stress can be caused by transferring your plant, through disease, or even extremely rapid growth. The best way to counteract this stress is through using B vitamin supplements, which help give your plants a lot of the energy that they need to grow rapidly. These B vitamin can come from either organic or synthetic sources, depending upon your own growing preferences.

Seaweed Plant Food – But if you really want to give your plants a great boost of nutrients and other things that they need, you should look to seaweed plant food. Lots of research has confirmed that plant food derived form kelp has a ton of positive effects on plant growth and development.

This is because kelp naturally contains a ton of hormones and vitamin that are known to have a benefit to plants. What is even better is that these supplements are totally organic, meaning that it is very unlikely that you will overuse them.

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3 Responses to Advanced Nutrients – Tools for the Advanced Gardener

  1. Avatar
    Cody February 19, 2009 at 11:10 am #

    I can personally attest to the value of those additives. The difference is remarkable.

  2. Avatar
    Carolynn May 7, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

    Just starting out with hydroponics, I read a really good endorsement for Advanced however the price was beyond my limited budget. So the clerk steered me in the direction of a start up kit with supposedly everything in it. I managed to kill 10 plants which seeds are hard to come by and very expensive. What is the best way to start seeds I usually use paper towels, but no lights so the 10 plants were real leggy. I want to get a real good start on whichever seeds I can get my hands on.

  3. Avatar
    FincaVigi May 27, 2015 at 1:36 am #

    To start seeds dont read anything from the seed company because if you have a good seed, everything needed is already inside the seed, its called the endosperm. Water and temperature signal the genes to start production of enzymes which on dicots (mj) to absorb the endosperm and will nourish the seedling for a short time. I tell you all this for a reason.I have always found through just my personal experience that starting seeds on paper towels are overall weaker. Even if only by a slight amount. I know that from doing numerous side by sides That taking your seeds and soaking them in distilled water
    with just a drop of kelp per ounce water, and a small amount of beneficial bacteria, if you got it, for no more than 4-6 hours is all thats needed. Place in (i prefer Root Shooters) or your choice of seedling substrate. I used to roll with Sunshine advanced, but now I use Premier mixes. Thats for personal reasons. I do know for a fact that since those two companies split up I’m not seeing the bacteria in SS as I do in Premier. I actually have it on video. Tested Ancient Forest, SS, HP, and FFLight Warrior. HP and SS had activity easily seen at 4 hours at 250x. HP continued at a higher rate…..etc.. But to be honest as long as you’ve got a decent seed mix that’s all you need. Dampen it and let it sit for a bit and make sure that it absorbs the water see if its nice and dance still if its not at a little bit more. Then plant seed horizontally about 1/4″ deep. One Direction light is not enough for seedlings I don’t care what anybody says. You need to T 554 wat 24 24 foot depending on which length you need. Leggy seedlings are 99% do to insufficient lighting.

    If they do get leggy pile up planting mix around the sttem. If in any type rspud rooter transplant into pot and cover the stem to leaves. MJ is just like tomato plants they will route all along ass down at that stage. But be warned if you run a nasty grow room you’re going to get dancing off it’ll fall over and die. Nobody should have a nasty grow room so thats on them.

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