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3 Part Nutrients – The Secret to Bigger Hydroponic yields

Your nutrient solution is the basis of your plants development. Even if you have every other factor in your grow room perfectly aligned for maximum yields, it will not make a whole lot of difference if your nutrient solution does not provide your plants with everything that they need.

This is why it is imperative to spend a lot of time learning about what you can do to make sure that your nutrient solution is as balanced as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is through using 3 part nutrients. These can be tremendously effective in helping your plants grow to their full potential, but only if you choose the right ones.

Here are the main things that you should look for when purchasing 3 part nutrients for your hydroponics garden:

High Number of Chelators – Many of the higher quality 3 part nutrient solutions actually come packed with chelators. These are substances designed to help the nutrients become bio available to your plants, so that they can go to work actually stimulating growth and increasing yields.

While it is certainly possible to provide your own chelators, it is just very convenient to have a 3 part nutrient solution that already has them. This way you can be ensured maximum nutrient uptake every time that you mix your nutrient solution.

Higher Concentration – You should be especially wary of 3 part nutrients that come in lower concentrations. Often, hydroponic manufacturers will actually water down their product, which not only costs you yield, it can also waste a lot of your money. Higher concentration 3 part nutrients benefit you in two important ways.

Firstly, these higher concentrations simply translate into more nutrients absorbed, which is essential for rapid growth. Secondly, they can actually save you a lot of money on your hydroponics nutrients, because you do not have to use quite as much every time you replace your nutrient solution.

Simple instructions – It is also imperative for you to know how to appropriately used your 3 part nutrients for every part of the plants development. When you purchase your product, you should also know precisely how to use your product during the vegetative, transitional, and flowering or fruiting stages of development.

The best hydroponics companies do not come by these instructions by educated guesses or happenstance. It is usually backed by extensive research into techniques and tricks that can produce the largest yields.

Bulk Sizes – If you plan on growing for several seasons, you should make certain that you can purchase your 3 part nutrients in bulk sizes. This is because this is where you find the most savings, ounce per ounce.

Smaller sizes usually have smaller up front cost, but they cost you more in the long term. Not just because you have to pay more per nutrient mixture, but you also wind up paying more for shipping or gas to drive down to the hydroponics supply store. Buying in larger sizes is the surest way to shrink your long-term hydroponics costs.

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