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2 Part Nutrients – When to Use in Hydroponics

Great hydroponics growers are not born overnight. They happen over time, as growers slowly become more and more accustomed to all of the techniques and equipment that goes into the creation of huge yields in a grow room.

One of the best tools that beginning hydroponic growers can use is 2 part nutrients. These are a special combination of nutrients and growth enhancing ingredients that are specially designed to improve your yield and growth during the flowering or fruiting stages of development. While this is extremely powerful in hydroponic growing, you should not go into this kind of use of 2 part nutrients blind.

Here are cases in which a hydroponic grower should be interested in using 2 part nutrients in their hydroponic growing:

When You Want to Learn About Hydroponics – There is sometimes a natural tendency to want to get the absolute best and more powerful ingredients as soon as you start growing hydroponically, and this is something that 2 part nutrients can provide. Using 2 part nutrients as a kind of learning tool can help you understand the basics even on your very first hydroponic garden. Any given hydroponics operation requires thorough knowledge of hydroponics nutrients, including the power of two part nutrients.

When You Want to Get Real Value for Your Money – 2 part nutrients represent a larger investment than your typical nutrient solution, but they pack a punch that make them well worth it. 2 part nutrients combine a lot of different hydroponics ingredients that are very rare and very difficult to make. Chelated nutrients must be created under very special conditions, and other specialized hydroponic nutrients, while being extremely effective, can be somewhat difficult to find. As a result, the price of 2 part nutrients simply reflect how powerful an effect they will have on your garden.

When all other Growing Conditions are Optimized – You should use the basics of hydroponic growing as your foundation, and then move on to more powerful growing techniques and methods, even. While 2 part nutrients can do incredible things for a hydroponic garden, the overall effect will be diminished if you do not make certain the fundamentals are in place first. For example, even the best 2 part nutrients in the world will not do a whole lot if your grow lights are not sufficiently powerful to stimulate optimal photosynthesis or if your grow room is too cold to grow well. When you have these kinds of factors more or less balanced, then you can take advantage of 2 part nutrients and other powerful plant food as a beginner.

When You are Prepared for the Yields – An oft overlooked feature of hydroponics growing is storage. Whether you plan on keeping your harvest, giving it away to family and friends, or selling it on the open market, you are going to have to have sufficient means to store your crop. Many people are caught off guard by just how big the yields can get when using 2 part nutrients. You can correct this by just paying attention to how big your yield will be as you approach hydroponics harvest time. If it looks like you have insufficient storage materials, you can correct this by ordering more.



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