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What BigMike Won’t Tell You About Advanced Nutrients

Hi, I’m Eljay… The following is the shocking true story of one of the world’s biggest marijuana growers and the cannabis nutrient company spawned by his covert operations in the clandestine grow rooms and fields of outdoor pot plants he tended to for decades.

In an industry where the big players try to distance themselves from the truth—that their nutrients aren’t really for growing tomatoes—and won’t so much as even stand in a garden or a grow room with one of their customers… read more

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Announcing: The Business Outlaws Podcast

Hey, my new podcast is here!

My good friend Chris Collins is the best business fixer I know. Recently, the two of us were chillin’ in the backyard of my mansion in the Hollywood Hills, discussing business as we so often do.

Chris said to me, “Man, I wish I knew this stuff when I was 20. If I did, I would’ve been a millionaire by the time I was 21.” read more

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BigMike’s 19 Rules For Life And Business

Hey there! BigMike here. I hope you’re doing great.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you some of the rules I live by. But first, I want to tell you why I follow them.

You could say I’ve achieved what some people call success. I’m healthy and fit, surrounded by an incredible team, and earn a good living doing what I love and helping a ton of people. read more

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BigMike’s Recommended Reading List For The Cannabis Entrepreneur

Growers and cannabis entrepreneurs from our community, as well as CEOs and business owners from countless other industries, often ask me for book recommendations.

So, in a moment, I’m going to tell you which books have had the most significant impact on my life and my business.

It’s common knowledge that I make a point of investing both time and money in my ongoing education. Books, courses, masterminds, seminars, audio and video programs — I’ve done it all. read more

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Haters and Success in the Cannabis Industry

Hey! I hope life is great.

In just a moment I’m going to tell you about a special gift I’ve spent months putting together for you. It’s an accumulation of knowledge from my 35 years as a cannabis entrepreneur and is going to help you succeed, despite what Big Marijuana is about to do to our beloved industry. read more

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Announcing BudLabs: The Hydroponics Growing App That Makes Your Life Easier and Your Buds Better

Hey, it’s BigMike. If you’d like to consistently pull heavy yields of potent marijuana, then I have something exciting to share with you.

When I started my first hydro grow-op in 1983, very few growers knew what hydroponics was, even though it had been around for thousands of years!

It’s believed that, in 600 B.C., the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, functioned using hydroponic principles. read more

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My Five-Part Marijuana Success Formula

This post is about succeeding in the marijuana industry. And, in just a moment, I’m going to give you my Five-Part Marijuana Success Formula.

You probably know that my company, Advanced Nutrients, does over $100 million per year designing, producing, and selling the most popular line of marijuana-specific nutrients in the world. read more

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How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors—Secrets and Strategies

Hey there! With the price of marijuana plummeting, growers are making less money than ever before. Profits are getting smaller and smaller by the day, it seems. Soon, most growers will be forced to find another way to make a living.

So what’s the solution?

Grow outdoors. You’ll cut costs WAY down, and increase your profits considerably. read more

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Grow Big Stinky Buds Outdoors—These Videos Show You How

Hey, I created a series of videos that will show you how to grow big, sweet, stinky, sugary, kickass buds outside.

These videos will help you maximize the genetic potential of your plants in your outdoor grows.


Video #1 – Cannabis indoor cloning

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