Marijuana Bully Beatdown

People ask why I stand up to Big Marijuana. “Aren’t you scared these guys will bury you,” they say, “with their billions of dollars and roided-out legal teams?”

Let me tell you a little story…

When I was growing up in Illinois, my dad owned his own film processing business called American Film Company. read more

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Weed Profits—What You Need to Know

Decades ago—like in the ’80s—weed wasn’t always easy to find.

Sure, if you grew it or had the right connections, you could enjoy year-round buds. But most smokers found themselves with an empty sack and a bowl full of resin a helluva lot more often than they wanted.

I’m not saying smokers rarely had weed. In fact, more often than not they were flush. However, they wanted a plump satchel all the time—365 days a year. read more

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What You Need to Know About Big Marijuana

As an industry, we’re exploding right now.

In 2015, we sold $996 million of weed…in Colorado alone

That’s a billion fucking dollars. In one state, in one year.

Other states—such as Oregon, Alaska, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, as well as the District of Columbia—have followed Colorado and Washington’s lead and legalized recreational marijuana, and more are hopping onboard. read more

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Grab Those Plants By The Balls

Warning: If you’re easily offended by a few F Bombs, you may want to pass on reading this post. I’m very passionate about the topic I’m about to discuss with you and after reading what I wrote noticed I used the F Word a bit more than I normally would in a blog post. To the easily offended: you’ve been warned.
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How to Consistently Yield 3+ of Bud Per Light

For the past decade, Advanced Nutrients has been helping growers consistently pull 2 pounds per light. In fact, we were the first ones to do it. Once in a while I’d hear about a grower getting 3+ per light, but it was rare.

Well, that’s all changed.

Growers are now routinely yielding 3+ pounds per light. read more

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The Future of Marijuana

Today, if someone lives in a fairly progressive state, they typically go to a dispensary to buy their cannabis. There, they can pick out a strain that gives them the type of feeling they want: it could be called Golden Goat, Trainwreck, or Banana Kush. They might buy candies, baked goods, or lozenges, but for the most part they’re picking up flowers. read more

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The State of The Marijuana Industry

We live in a great time.

More and more states are legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana in either medical or recreational form.

There’s a good chance marijuana will soon be legal on the federal level.

It’s a totally different world than when I started growing in 1983, back when, in a lot of states, getting caught growing was likely to earn you a longer sentence than if you’d committed a violent crime or robbed someone at gun point.
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Marijuana Growing Resources

Hey there!

As usual, I’ve been super busy (and productive) lately. When I’m not writing my book, collaborating with my team of PhDs and grow experts to find ways to bring marijuana to its true genetic potential, working on a documentary about corruption in Bulgaria, running our Holiday Heroes charity, attending masterminds, festivals, events, and doing all the other things that go into running Advanced Nutrients, I’m kicking back: taking bong rips, reading books, hanging out at the Marijuana Mansion with friends and team members and hosting the occasional party. read more

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