How BigMike Started Growing and Co-Founded Advanced Nutrients (part 1)

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In this short segment, BigMike talks about the woes of racial profiling and his troubles with the police in Spain. Not only does he get stopped twice without probable cause, he and his vehicle get searched! BigMike also reveals how he started with mixing chemicals while running his own lawn care business at age nineteen […]

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How BigMike Started Growing and Co-Founded Advanced Nutrients (part 2)

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BigMike explains just how much research and development went into making Advanced Nutrients the huge company that it is today and what inspired him to branch out from growing and start making his own nutrients. He explains how he always felt like the nutrients he using for his plants just weren’t cutting it and, how […]

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Pot Seeds, a Gun, $37K in Cash, 15 Wolves, a Hillbilly Outlaw, and the Police…

1993. 1am, somewhere in Missouri… Alcohol running wild through my blood and rubber spinning too fast on asphalt, we flew down the winding country road… Lawson—an ex-military guy who was into self-mutilation—rode shotgun, while Wolfman’s cousin hunkered in the back, a revolver tucked under his belt. read more

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What Big Mike Won’t Tell You About Advanced Nutrients

Hi, I’m Eljay… The following is the shocking true story of one of the world’s biggest marijuana growers and the cannabis nutrient company spawned by his covert operations in the clandestine grow rooms and fields of outdoor pot plants he tended to for decades. In an industry where the big players try to distance themselves […]

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As The Cop Pounded On My Front Door…

In my last blog post I shared the story of how, back in ’96, after fleeing from the DEA—who had a federal cultivation warrant out for me for an outdoor grow I had nothing to do with in the Midwest—I moved to Laguna Niguel California and started growing near the beach. That was, until… … […]

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When I Was a Fugitive… [And Why You Need a Backstory]

Hey there…I just got back from the Southern California Cannabis Cup—which was killer BTW—and wanted to share a little story from my days as a fugitive-grower with you to show you just how important having a good backstory can be. Like I discussed in my recent post The Grower’s Guide to Taking No Shit, even […]

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Buds, Brutality, and Peaches

People often ask how it is I’ve been able to grow over a million pot plants, make all these crazy breakthroughs in the science of cannabis cultivation, and build a 50-plus-million-dollar nutrient company, all while the odds have been stacked against me every step of the way. I just tell ‘em it’s because of Peaches… […]

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The Grower’s Guide to Taking No Shit

Hey there, I hope you’re doin’ great… If you want your journey as a grower to be a successful one—low on stress and high on fun, with fat yields of sweet, potent bud—then it’s important that you don’t allow yourself or your gardens to be stepped on by… 1. Those who don’t have your best […]

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