How BigMike Started Growing and Co-Founded Advanced Nutrients (part 1)

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In this short segment, BigMike talks about the woes of racial profiling and his troubles with the police in Spain. Not only does he get stopped twice without probable cause, he and his vehicle get searched! BigMike also reveals how he started with mixing chemicals while running his own lawn care business at age nineteen […]

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How BigMike Started Growing and Co-Founded Advanced Nutrients (part 2)

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BigMike explains just how much research and development went into making Advanced Nutrients the huge company that it is today and what inspired him to branch out from growing and start making his own nutrients. He explains how he always felt like the nutrients he using for his plants just weren’t cutting it and, how […]

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R.I.P. – This Was Hard For Me To Write

A few months ago my mom passed away. Attending her funeral in Estonia was one of the saddest experiences of my life. I miss her so much and cherish my memories of her…her laugh, her smile, her warm embrace. I even miss the crazy times… You see, before Mom found AA and got sober, she […]

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I Knew Something Was Up – [Robbery]…

Recently I was eating at a steakhouse in Downtown Los Angeles… Jazz music filled the restaurant as handsome waiters supported themselves filling wine glasses while waiting to land their big role in a major motion picture or television series. As I waited for my food to arrive, I noticed a guy from across the restaurant […]

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Crazy Story of an INSANE Marijuana Grower – [This FREAKED Me Out]

Hey, I hope you’re doing great… I’ve seen a lot of wild stuff go down over the past 32 years as a grower… …but nothing prepared me for this… Seriously, one minute I was relaxing with a few growers, and the next minute I’m looking at the freakiest thing I’d ever seen… read more

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Introducing Grow Med University

Hey, I want to share something really exciting with you today… It’s the brand new Grow Med University and, as a grower, you’re going to love it… Grow Med University is a free resource to help educate growers in our community on the best possible ways to grow marijuana. It’s for growers like yourself who […]

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My Behind The Scenes Interview at The ‘Disneyland for Potheads’ [They Made Me CRY…]

Hey, I hope you’re doin’ great… Recently I was at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup—which I call Disneyland for Potheads because it was so awesome, exciting, and fun. While I was there, Playboy Morning Show host, Andrea Lowell, and her co-host, playmate Erika Jordan, interviewed me about the state of the industry, my life […]

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Here’s What Scotts Fertilizer Purchasing General Hydroponics Means To YOU…

Newsflash! You may or may not be aware that General Hydroponics was just purchased by Scotts Fertilizer. What does this mean to you as a grower or store owner? Well, probably not what you think. Watch this video to find out… Talk soon, Big Mike P.S. Have you ready the story Eljay wrote about my […]

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